Social responsibility

We, at Faunatar, feel it is our responsibility to educate people on the proper healthcare of pets. The operation of pet shops was once very different than it is today. Skills and attitudes related to the care of small pets, aquariums and many others were in their infancy and the greatest shortcomings in the care of the species were found in terrarium animals. We are proud to say that as times have changed, so have people's attitudes, additionally there is much more information available and as many pet owners get their first pet from Faunatar, it is extremely important for us to to keep our staff well-educated and on top of the latest research on animal care. We pay a lot of attention to prevention and pet owners can get quick help from us. 

Ethical Pet Trade

Faunatar has been involved in the Ethical Animal Trade Certification Project since its inception in 2003 - and we are still involved. The Ethical Animal Trade Certificate System develops the field of animal trade and the welfare of animals sold or kept in animal shops, and maintains the expertise of the staff of animal movements. Another key goal of the project is to increase the knowledge of pet owners about the welfare requirements of their pets.

Our values

Premium quality

We strongly believe that high-quality food is one of the main pillars of healthy and happy life. So we to provide that for pets too!

Ethical treatment of animals

Ethical treatment of animals is extremely important to us, which is why we try to educate our customers on animal care in every step of the way.


Our goal is to set up our business model in sustainable and long-lasting way. We work hard on reducing our carbon footprint in both our production and stores.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly improving our range of products and services to be the most innovative pet store out there.

General contacts

T:  +358 40 186 1231

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